Not all IV lounges are the same; here’s what to look for before you visit one.

As with most things labeled “Alternative Medicine” and “Holistic Health”, IV Therapy has seen its fair share of criticism from skeptics. From being presented as nothing more than a fad to concerns regarding safety and effectiveness, not everyone is sold on the idea that IV lounges and treatments can be a healthy and beneficial addition to your health regiment.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

Safety, or lack thereof, seems it be the number one concern regarding IV therapy, and understandably so. Not every health craze that makes headlines is necessarily good for you or safe. While there are exceptions to everything, a majority of IV lounges are not only safe but often times operated by health professionals no different than those you’d see if you were receiving an IV in an emergency room. From Medical Doctors to Certified Nurses, IV therapies are administered by health professionals who have spent years studying and practicing medicine. There’s the added benefit of knowing that your treatment is also curated and tailored to your needs by individuals who understand both the needs of your body and which vitamin combinations can help you reach your desired goals.

Another safety concern regarding these types of treatment is the implication that they not only support but also encourage unhealthy habits and lifestyles, particularly concerning drinking. While there are many applications for IV therapy, one of the most well-known is that it can be a fast cure for a hangover because of the hydration benefits. IV Therapy can be a great solution to hangover woes, but that doesn’t mean it encourages people to binge drink daily. IV therapies are treatments that help supplement and enhance overall health.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the safety of IV therapy, there are a few takeaways that can help you ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. First and foremost, research is key. Nothing is foolproof and there are irresponsible practices out there so it is incumbent upon you to research any facility you are considering. Look into the operations, reviews, and credentials of the doctors and nurses working there. Also, understand that anything in excess can be harmful. Making sure that you fold IV therapy into an already healthy lifestyle complete with proper diet and exercise keeps you from using it as a way to compensate for unhealthy habits (such as excess drinking). Take the time to ask around about your lounge and if there are any red flags or concerns making you uncomfortable, simply walk away. But once you’ve found the right one for you, be prepared to have your life changed in a very positive and healthy way.